PEXMOR 10in Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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    Built to be extremely rigid, inflatable boards have the ability to provide a solid and reliable platform that is much like traditional hard boards. The best inflatable stand up paddle boards simplify the process of traveling outdoors and increase the ability to act spontaneously, to get out on the water when you feel like it

    SUP roll up to fit in a large backpack, keep them stored in the garage, attics, trunk or closet and quickly and easily unwrap, unroll, and inflate easily(<5 minutes) when it is time to go paddle, and deflate rapidly (<3 minutes) to make it possible to travel effortlessly anywhere



    Storage: rinse your board with fresh water, dry completely, fin off, store deflated and out of sun

    Avoid long time constant overexposure to the merciless sun to protect the sup board from warping

    Pet: Trim your dog's nails or put a traction pad on if he stands in front of the SUP paddle board


    PSI: 12 PSI is enough, 15 is the limit (pls pay more attention to the pressure when using an electric pump to inflate)

    Pump using Instruction: the side marked with "OUT" is for inflation, other side marked with "IN" is for deflation, which can extract the air out quickly

    Pressure gauge working principle: only when the pressure reaches to certain amount of pressure will the pressure gauge perceive it and push the pointer to move/spin, normally 5 PSI