PEXMOR 500lb Adjustable Multi-Function Barbell Rack Squat Stand with Barbell Plate Rack

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With a 500 pound capacity, PEXMOR squat rack is perfect for squats, bench press and so much workout. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for a total body workout you can get at home. You could have it as low as it will go into bench presses and then raise it up to a high position for squats. multi-function barbell rack is perfect for home gym user.


Multi-function: Perfect for squats , bench presses, weight lifting, shrug, pull up, shoulder press and dip.

Adjustable height and width: height is adjustable from 44.4” to 62.2”, and the base width is adjustable from 23.6” to 44”. Bench press hook is also adjustable.

Target a variety of muscle groups like your arms, legs, waist, hips, abdomen, etc.


- Material: Steel

- Product Dimension: 23.6"-44"W x 25"D x44.4"-62.2"H

- Square Tube: 2"L x 2"W x 0.05"T

- Net Weight: 42lbs

- Weight Capacity: 500lbs

What You Get:

1 x Multi-function Barbell Rack

1 x Hardware Set

1 x Instruction