PEXMOR 56inch Olympic Hex Bar Barbell Silver

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The deadlift is a total-body strength exercise that works several muscle groups in your upper and lower body. The trap, or hex bar is a specialized training tool that lifters use for two exercises: the deadlift and the shrug. The trap bar has several advantages over the barbell deadlift and, overall, is a more effective exercise.


Less Stress, More Power

Hexagonal design and raised knurled grip handles generate more peak force and peak power during the deadlift.

Two Options for Physical Activity

Hexagon barbells offer two different handles to suit your desired exercise regiment. They combine hex and high hex bar handles, which allows you to isolate desired muscle groups while weight lifting.


Build mass and strength in your legs, traps, back and core with the PEXMOR 2-Inch Olympic High Hex Trap Bar.


Two handle options: Hex and High Hex Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
Bar Net Weight: 45 lbs (20KG)
Handle Grip Dia.: 1.1 inAccommodates 2” weights Material: Silver Chrome Surface with knurled handles
Package Weight: 68 lbs (31KG)

What You Get:

Hex Bar*1
Spring Collar*2