PEXMOR 36/46/55/86LBS Electric Trolling Motors Thrust

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    Upgrade your fishing game with the reliable and durable PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motor. Built with high-quality saltwater corrosion-resistant materials, it features a reinforced Nylon Bracket, fiberglass composite shaft, and durable aluminum head for stability and corrosion resistance. Suitable for kayaks, inflatable boats, pontoons, and more. Buy now and take your fishing experience to the next level.


    1.EFFICIENT POWER:PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motors come in four thrust options, providing efficient and powerful performance with 12V power. With a high-quality build, these motors run all day without overheating and operate quietly to avoid disturbing the fish. 

    2.VARIABLE HANDLE:PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motors feature a 6" telescoping handle for adjustable length, comfortable grip, and 5 forward/3 reverse speeds for smooth control. 

    3.ADJUSTABLE DEPTH AND ANGLE:PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motors feature adjustable shaft angle and depth control for customizable sailing conditions. 

    4.UNIQUE DESIGN:PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motors have a three-bladed propeller for enhanced efficiency and easy seaweed clearance. Some models come with additional two or three-bladed propellers for added versatility. 

    5.LED BATTERY INDICATOR:PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motors feature a 1-10 LED light indicator to keep you informed of the battery's capacity. 



    Max Speed: 4.03/5.9/9/13.7mph

    Shaft Length: 30"/36" Fiberglass Composite

    Overall Size: 40.5"x 17.7" x 6/48.4"x17.7"

    Product Weight: 16/17.2/19.8/22 lbs

    Battery Indicator: 10 Point LED Meter

    Handle Control: 6" Telescoping Tiller

    Battery Requirements: 12V/24V

    What You Get:

    1 x PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motor

    1 x Three bladed propeller

    1 x Two bladed propeller

    1 x User Manual 

    1 x Accessories Bag

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Lyle Berninghaus
    Wow for the price, look no further. Solid, strong. Will by again.

    WOW! For price.... Look no further. Very impressed

    Great little motor

    Variable speed is great. ran it for a few hours at top speed and barely used any battery.
    Battery gauge is priceless!!
    The river I'm on has lowered quite a bit. I started "finding" all the rocks with this propeller. surprisingly robust.

    Nancy Ewing
    Quiet & powerful

    Attached to our canoe; it is quiet & powerful!


    This trolling motor gets me around the pond quickly. Its made well and durable. Has no issues chopping its way thru pond grass. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a good trolling motor.

    steve phelps
    That it has power to move my boat

    That if my boat breaks down. It will get me back to the dock