PEXMOR Freestanding Punching Boxing Bag with Suction Cup Armor Base Black

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The inlet is relatively small, and the process of filling water and sand will take some time, please be patient .Don't forget to close the lid  when finished. (Cap is in the package of punching bag instead of base.)


   ▶ How I choose boxing bags?

  ✔ The whole assembled product shouldbe at most 3.94in/10cm lower than human height. And it’s recommended thatgrowing children choose slight higher boxing bags for long-term use

  ▶ How I move the whole assembled kick bag?

  ✔ Insert something thin and hard(like playing cards, ruler, bank card, etc) into one suction cup to dissipatesuction, then other cups.

    (Do not pull up by force in case of damaging suction cups.)

  ▶ For the ABS tank base, fill with water orsand?

  ✔ We recommend sand, sand is betterbecause it’s denser. And water may give off unfavorable smell if it stays in the tank for a long time.


Sandbag cover should be cleaned regularly with leather care solution

For long term non use, please collapse and wrap into plastic bag or other dirt proof packing. Store it in cool dry places, avoid over exposure to sunlight causing discolor or aging

Regularly change punching spots,do not always hit the same area

Not applicable to watery orundulant surface

Wipe off dirt with wet cloth(nohotter than 104℉), then dry it


When you need to move the stand,please insert something thin and hard like playing cards into one cup todissipate suctions for easy rolling away. Never pull up by force.