PEXMOR Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board SUP Aqua/Blue/Pink/Red

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Paddle boarding is an exciting water activity for people who are fond of getting new experience. It isn't just a hobby, its great for your health, mind and strength. Enjoy the open water with a premium stand up paddle board from PEXMOR and you’ll experience adventures like never before.


Paddle Board Yoga

Keep Absolute balance for people who are going to practice paddle board yoga. Practicing asana will be much more comfortable on this kind of a board.

Paddle Board Fishing

Fish in the lakes all the time and you never fell in the water. There are rings on it for attaching fishing accessorize or kayak chair

With Your Dog

Paddle boarding with your dog go on this without risk of ruining it.

Summer obsession watersport; this model is nice for new paddlers and experienced riders as well

Storage: rinse your board with fresh water, dry completely, fin off, store deflated and out of sun

Avoid long time constant overexposure to the merciless sun to protect the sup board from warping

Pet: Trim your dog's nails or put a traction pad on if he stands in front of the iSUP paddle board